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The Visionary Business

We provide tailored solutions to all our clients as they are special and have differing needs. We recognize this important factor and as such we would tailor the insurance programme to suit specific requirements. Our services would include the customization of standard insurance contracts and/or writing manuscript policies that best meet each client’s differing needs.

Conventional Insurance & Reinsurance

Visionary provides business enterprises and insurance companies with conventional insurance and reinsurance, particularly property and casualty risks. Visionary is particularly interested to act as the underwriter for the Chinese insurance market in support of local admitted insurance companies for Chinese interests abroad.

Affinity Insurance Programmes

Together with an international recognized specialist in affinity business, Visionary is developing niche specialty insurance products for affinity insurance programmes in Asia.

Financial Insurance Instruments

Visionary has a number of insurance products, particularly financial insurance instruments, used by corporations and enterprises to comply with their financial obligations to their financiers and principal.

There are a number of situations where a corporation or enterprise will be required to provide a certain form of third party guarantee to a party with whom the corporation or enterprise is transacting business.

Business Value Gap Insurance

When a business enterprise faces the unexpected loss in the value of its assets at the time when the assets have to be liquidated, Business Value Gap Insurance is used to protect this unexpected loss. Business Value Gap Insurance is particularly used to maintain the value of collaterals or pledges.

Specialty Risks Insurance

General speaking, Specialty Risks are larger and/or unusual risks as opposed to the conventional and standard commercial insurance. Specialty Risks do not only mean new insurance products but also insurance products combining with services. They also include insurance products presently not commercially available as the pool of insureds has yet to form.

Visionary is prepared to underwrite Specialty Risks Insurance as it has its own in-house professional supports, such as legal counsel, actuarial services, programme and products design, captive management and through external associates, business appraisal.

Structured Insurance & Reinsurance

When an enterprise which has substantial assets and incomes may wish to self-insure some or all of its risks, the enterprise can structure its insurance programme to reduce the impact of a major loss or a series of smaller losses. Therefore a structured insurance programme, including the use of a captive insurance company, can be arranged. Similarly, an insurance company can also arrange a structured reinsurance programme.

Visionary as the arranger of these structured insurance and reinsurance programmes will use their resources as so entrusted by the clients in undertaking the functions of actuary, finance and underwriting as well as handling claim administration arising from the programmes.